Danareksa Research Institute (DRI) was established with the aim to provide economic research in order to acquire current macroeconomic picture as well as its prospect in the future.
The DRI regularly published its research products in the form of reports such as Early Economic Indicators, Consumer Confidence Index, Business Sentiment Index, Consumer Price Index (CPI); and also SBI Outlook, Yearly Outlook, Weekly Currency, and Special Reports. DRI conducts several quantitative approaches, such as macroeconometric modelings and forecasts in order to make predictions toward some main macroeconomic variables like GDP, inflation rates, interest rates, exchange rates, exportsimports, money supplies.
DRI also developed early warning systems (EWS) in the form of coincident dan leading economic index, EWS for banking system in the form of Banking Pressure Index, and also the EWS for Rupiah exchange rates.
Every research reports are regularly delivered to the Board of Directors and related business divisions in the Directors - Senior Management’s Meetings. Such reports also sent to Danareksa’s clients and related Government agencies.